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Fondazione Leonardo

The New Fire of Prometheus: Salvatore Majorana unveils Kilometro Rosso’s hydrogen reactor for hydrogen production and the creation of green energy. In the interview, details of the project and its development plan are discussed, based on refining the technology and then licensing it. The possible applications are varied: i.e. the development of a hydrogen combustion engine or a heating system for buildings that uses water instead of methane.


Prometheus, the reactor that produces hydrogen, is capable of developing highly efficient green energy. From a spark, which the Prometheus Team is able to replicate and control, clean energy is produced for the benefit of people and industry.

L'eco di Bergamo

The hydrogen-producing Prometheus reactor is born in the laboratories of Kilometro Rosso. Alberto Bombassei, the patron of Brembo, holds a significant minority stake in the company. The reactor is potentially capable of powering cars and ships, as well as providing clean energy to homes and businesses. Salvatore Majorana, director of Kilometro Rosso, was interviewed.

Corriere della sera

Prometheus, the all-Italian reactor for hydrogen production, has found a home at Kilometro Rosso, Salvatore Majorana, director of Kilometro Rosso was interviewed. A bolt of energy triggers a reaction that rearranges the atoms of water (H2O), and from this recombination, significant amounts of mechanical work, heat, and hydrogen are released—clean energy. The first to invest in this idea was Alberto Bombassei, the patron of Brembo.


Future tugs and workboats could be powered by reactors based on the LENR reactions. Ground Control Holding presented the Prometheus Reactor that uses seawater and electricity to produce pressure forces and hydrogen during the European Tugowners Association (ETA) sustainability conference.

La Repubblica

Encubator 2024, Lift Energy among the 9 startups aiming to change the future of the planet.

Il Sole 24 ore

Ground Control Holding funds the development of Lift Energy, a startup from the Politecnico University of Milan that has invented batteries that charge twice the power; the patent protects an insulator that limits wear and multiplies recharging.



The startup Lift Energy has developed batteries that charge twice the power, last longer, and use less lithium.


Lift Energy among the 9 startups awarded by Encubator, the acceleration program promoted by the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the Politecnico University of Milan and focused on sustainable innovation.


Lift Energy: the startup that created lithium batteries with twice the energy of the traditional ones