Ground Control Holding srl has actually investments in six companies.

Our projects

World revolving startups


Its main objective is to study and develop the Prometheus Reactor, a unique and innovative technology which generates mechanic and electric energy, alongside hydrogen.

LIFT Energy

A startup, born at the Politecnico in Milan, which has developed and patented an innovative coating treatment – Lithium Interphase Functional Treatment (LIFT) for the lithium surface. This treatment makes it possible to build a rechargeable lithium metal battery with a longer life and nearly double the autonomy compared to a traditional lithium-ion battery of the same weight.


A biotech startup with the goal of introducing quality control and effectiveness standards for drugs into the supplement market. The company produces botanicals on-site using mini vertical farms, each the size of a container.

H2D Energy

Is currently working on the Green Hyland pilot concept project, aiming to make Isola dei Cavoli in Sardinia self-sufficient by providing renewable energy to the island 24/7, 365 days a year. This is made possible through the implementation of HyVault technology, which relies on hydrogen accumulators. The goal is not only to supply energy but also to offer all basic services—such as drinking
water, maritime and land transport, waste management—with net-zero
emissions and zero environmental impact. HyVault technology is versatile
and can be applied to achieve energy self-sufficiency in various settings,
including industrial facilities, commercial businesses, hotels, schools, and


Designs and produces electrical power engine solutions for the net-zero emission mobility, applicable to any kind of boat.