Meet Ground Control Holding’s in-house team of scientific, engineering, legal, fundraising and financial experts.

Fabrizio Petrucci

With an impressive three-decade career in M&A law and a rich academic background, Fabrizio is a
qualified professional who has navigated the intricacies of prestigious international law firms and
academia. His extensive portfolio includes strategic investments in numerous companies, where he
assumed leadership roles, contributing to their growth and success. Presently, as the CEO of
Ground Control Holding, Fabrizio continues to steer the company with visionary leadership,
blending his legal finesse with a dynamic approach to business management.

Dario Calzavara

Graduated in Economics and Commerce, Dario has held managerial and strategic roles in Research
and Development, motorsport and marketing. He was an executive in the Ferrari F1 team,
Marketing Director of Ferrari North America and subsequently Director of R&D and product
development and member of the Board of Directors of Pirelli Tire Holding. In 2015 he founded
Terra Modena Mechatronic engineering company that designs and manufactures electric and hybrid
propulsion systems for boats of all sizes and land vehicles.

Carlo Miglietta

With a wealth of expertise in applied bioengineering, Carlo stands in the field, showcasing a
profound understanding of the intricacies involved in the design of implanted surgical devices. As a
founding member of both 2B1 (established in 2004) and MyConsulting (established in 2018), Carlo
brings a visionary approach to the intersection of healthcare and technology. His extensive
experience is a testament to his commitment to innovation, consistently driving advancements that
redefine the landscape of bioengineering. Notably, Carlo's distinctive proficiency in the design of
biomedical implantable devices stands as an indispensable cornerstone, providing unparalleled
depth to the precision mechanical design endeavors undertaken at Prometheus and Ground Control

Alberto Pentimalli

With over 15 years of experience, Alberto excels in originating, engineering, and executing
sophisticated investment, financing, and M&A transactions across diverse industries and
geographies. His strategic prowess extends from Italy to Hong Kong, demonstrating a
comprehensive understanding of intricate financial landscapes. Alberto is also serving as Italy’s
country manager of CIGP from Geneve.

Gordon Douglas Ross

For over 25 years, Gordon has been at the forefront of innovation, with a significant early career
dedicated to pioneering top open-world video game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and LEGO
Worlds. Since 2011, he has shifted his focus to validating and commercializing early TRL
technologies, leveraging their potential to positively transform civilization Gordon has also been
serving as Innovation Strategist at Herriot-Watt University.

Anna Maria Darmanin

Anna Maria is the Secretary General of the European Tugowners Association, serves as the sole
representative of the industry in Europe. Her role involves promoting the interests of the members
and advocating for the industry at international, EU, and national levels. With a background as the
former Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and Chair of the
Single Market Observatory, Anna Maria possesses 11 years of experience in policy areas such as
sustainable development, maritime affairs, employment, ICT, consumer affairs, and innovation.

Maria Letizia Terranova

Maria Letizia is a retired Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at Tor Vergata University in Rome
who boasts a distinguished career. Serving as Director of the University Scientific Library and
holding various leadership roles, including Deputy Head of the Department of Chemical Sciences
and Technologies, she has been a driving force in nanotechnology and materials science. As a co-
founder and Scientific Coordinator of NanoShare Srl Company, MLT continues her impactful
contributions, she collaborates with ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) on nanomaterials for spatial

Glauco Isella

With two decades of entrepreneurial expertise, Glauco Isella specializes in innovating product and
brand strategies. His achievements include founding several successful start-ups. As CEO &
Founder of Perfect Srl, he leads a biotech company aiming to elevate supplement and cosmetic
standards to pharmaceutical levels, with the current market presence of NIP, a high-quality
supplement brand. Glauco's patenting of a transformative process in biotechnology revolutionary
technique stands as a game changer for vertical farm cultivation, redefining the landscape of
agricultural practices.

Elena Turrini

Elena Turrini, a seasoned CFO and business consultant, specializes in guiding startups and SMEs
through establishment, development, and growth. Her strategic approach is evident in her current
role as Founder and Administrator at Kite Advisory S.r.l., providing temporary CFO services and
strategic consulting for startups.

Elisabetta Valente

Elisabetta Valente is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of expertise, equipped with a
Master's degree in Translation & Interpreting. Proficient in English and Spanish, she has navigated
the complexities of the legal arena, contributing significantly to renowned international law firms.
As an Anti Money Laundering expert, her multifaceted skills extend seamlessly into marketing and
project assistance, showcasing her versatility and proactive approach as an invaluable team player.

Maurizio Sansotera

Maurizio Sansotera is an accomplished Associate Researcher at Polytechnic of Milan. His impactful
contributions extend from pioneering research roles at INSTM and Polytechnic of Milan, where he
spearheaded groundbreaking projects on the synthesis of reactive intermediates for fluorinated
monomers and the development of transparent conductive superhydrophobic surfaces. Notably,
Sansotera enriched his global perspective as a Visiting Researcher at Ben-Gurion University in
Israel. Armed with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Polytechnic of Milan, he not only excels as an adept
assistant for general chemistry courses but also showcases proficiency in diverse laboratory
techniques. His multifaceted skill set encompasses teaching, organization, and seamless
collaboration in English, underlining his commitment to academic excellence and international

Luca Manicone

Luca Manicone, law graduate with an innovative thesis on the patentability of inventions based on Artificial Intelligence, has demonstrated an extraordinary passion and commitment to technological and legal innovation since his early post-graduate years. This passion led him to conceive a project that was selected for the prestigious European program “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs,” a recognition of his vision and entrepreneurial skills. Throughout his career, Luca has actively collaborated with some of the most influential associations in the fields of innovation and business, contributing to the development and promotion of entrepreneurship at the national level.

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